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Welcome to the Tools from Japan store.

As the name suggests, we are all about Japanese tools and the materials used to keep all manner of 'tools' working at their best. We are constantly adding new items to the listings here, so please feel free to take a look around and do check back often to see what is new.

At the moment, due to some communications problems while we were away, we are seriously backlogged with regards to order processing and answering enquiries. We are giving priority to getting orders on their way as soon as possible, followed by replying to questions and enquiries about orders.

Please know that we are working as fast as we possibly can to clear the backlog, but there is still a lot to do. If you are waiting to hear back from us, most simple questions will be answered reasonably quickly, but questions that require a lengthy reply can and will take longer to be answered.

Thank you for your understanding.

*Important information for March-April 2014.*

At the present time, we are experiencing unprecedented delays in acquiring stocks and supplies from all suppliers of products.

The explanation for this is quite simple. The rate of consumption tax in Japan will increase from 5% to 8% on April 1. For many here in Japan, this is cause for them to 'stock up' on anything possible, causing all suppliers to see increased business, to a point where we (who are for the moment largely unaffected by the tax increase) are seeing our orders delayed because our suppliers simply can't keep up with demand.

We expect this 'boom' to taper off during April as our suppliers return to normal, but until that happens we will be working to try and minimise delays as much as possible, but inevitably we will take longer than usual to process orders, and in some cases we will be overdue for processing. In these cases we will upgrade shipping when possible, or make alternative arrangements when upgrading of shipping is not possible.

Thank you for your understanding during this time.

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