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Welcome to the Tools from Japan store.

As the name suggests, we are all about Japanese tools and the materials used to keep all manner of 'tools' working at their best. We are constantly adding new items to the listings here, so please feel free to take a look around and do check back often to see what is new.

*Important information for August 2014.*

We have moved! Only our physical location, not the virtual one. Due to the move, we're having a few delays caused by the normal 'settling in' process, but are getting back on top of things, and already benefiting from our new environment.

(Update; We're mostly on top of things again now, and definitely benefiting from the new environment.)

*News for September 2014*

During the month of September, there will be price increases on many items in this store. Normally we try very hard to keep any price changes to a minimum, and as small as possible.


We have recently been given the details of the Miki area toolmakers organisation price increase.

The new pricing will be implemented from September 21, and the increase is a fixed 15% over current pricing.

We will be maintaining our current pricing until September 16 to allow us to 'beat the clock'. Our price increase will typically be 10-20%. The range is due to our absorbing incremental changes as they have occurred.

This will affect all of our tools sourced from the Miki area, specifically Koyamaichi, Fujikawa and Ouchi chisels, Tsunesaburo and Koyama planes and Mitsukawa saws.

Many other items will also increase by 10-20%. Until now, we have simply absorbed the incremental price increases, only passing them on when the existing price of an item was simply unsustainable. Some items will not change in price at all, and whenever possible, we will avoid adjusting prices unless it is absolutely necessary.

Any orders placed before the price increases will be locked at the 'as ordered' price. However any items ordered after their price increase will be firm and we cannot revert them to the pre-increase price. I'm sorry, but we do need to make a profit.

The schedule of increases will be "as deemed necessary" and there will be no time table on them. The best I can suggest is to place your order as soon as possible to lock in the 'old' price if this is important to you.

(Do note that most prices in the store are from a time where the JP¥ was worth 20% more than it is now.)

Our apologies for any distress or inconvenience caused.

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