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Welcome to the Tools from Japan store.

As the name suggests, we are all about Japanese tools and the materials used to keep all manner of 'tools' working at their best. We are constantly adding new items to the listings here, so please feel free to take a look around and do check back often to see what is new.

Before considering placing an order, please make sure to read the 'conditions of use' for the store in order to avoid any possible disappointment.

The Holiday season is almost here.

And at this time, all around the world, the postal systems are under added pressure due to the added number of parcels. As such, if you intend to place an order for gift reasons, please place them as early as possible to allow us to get them to you in time. The delays in shipping are not usually as long as the Post Office states, but the delays do exist and must be taken into account. We will do all we can to make sure orders arrive in time, but please do not leave it until the last moment to place orders and expecting them to arrive as quickly as they usually should.

End of year 2015 – Start of year 2016.

The Tools from Japan store will be unattended (closed) from December 23, 2015 and will re-open for business again on January 8, 2016. We will not be in Japan during this time, so cannot process orders and we will stop accepting orders from December 20, 2015. Any orders placed from mid December may not be processed and shipped before the end of the year although we will do all we can to make sure all orders that can be shipped are shipped out before the year’s end.

Additional news.

Before the end of the year, we will need to ‘dispose’ of some stock in order to reduce inventory to the minimum, primarily due to the tax rules here in Japan. Most stores here in Japan do this by creating ‘mystery’ bags that are available at a fixed but low price which allows stores to reduce inventory.

Our version of this will be to offer a box for a modest price, with little hint as to what is inside, only that the price will be a fraction of the actual cost of the items inside. They will also be set up as a ‘Dutch auction’ where any boxes that are not claimed will reduce in price until they become irresistible.

I do not know how many boxes will be available as yet, but there will be as many as we need to get our inventory down to manageable levels and they will not be available until mid December.

We are also planning a ‘meet and greet’ event in Melbourne, Australia while the store is closed for the end of year break. My parents live there, and I come from there, which explains why this will be in Melbourne (outer Eastern suburbs). If you have an interest in coming along, then please let me know of your interest via email to stu@toolsfromjapan.com . We have no specifics available at the moment, but would like to know how many people would be likely to attend. Please let us know details of which day(s) between Dec. 28 and Jan. 9 would be most suitable, and how many people you would likely bring with you. Children/Significant others will be most welcome and all food and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided, and there will be plenty for everyone to do. But we would suggest you do bring your wallet, as we will be bringing some items with us that will not be brought back to Japan…

(And we'll make sure that anyone who turns up leaves with a souvenir, of some kind.)



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