Koyamaichi chisels.

Please note that orders for Koyamaichi chisels have been suspended for the immediate time being to try and ensure that all orders placed for them will be fulfilled prior to the closing and future re-boot of this store.

There is no specific date on which these planes will be orderable in the method we've made available previously, only that they will be able to be ordered to specifications in the future again.


Koyamaichi chisels, made in Miki, Hyogo have earned a reputation here and Japan and around the world as a no nonsense - get down to business chisel without compromises in quality or performance.

Available in a wide range of styles and sizes and with numerous options, there is a chisel for almost any chiselling task.

Due to the handmade nature of these chisels, sizes are nominal, and generally accurate but with some variation.

As we get these chisels from Koyamaichi 'to order', there will be a wait of up to 6 weeks (or longer for some options), but most of the standard chisel types are readily and easily available. We do not keep stocks of these chisel, so do fully understand that these chisels do take time to get in, we cannot make them ready any faster than it takes and we do it this way to be able to offer as wide a selection as possible with all available options. 

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