Paring and detail chisels.

While regular Japanese chisels, Oire-nomi can do an acceptable job of refining details and paring excess material from joinery, there are times when something a little lighter and more delicate is simply a better tool for the task.

Koyamaichi Hamono produce several different styles of paring and detail chisels specific to their intended tasks. All of them share the same basic ingredients, a thinner, lighter and longer blade, a longer, more delicate neck and longer, unhooped handles that are 'hand friendly'.

Due to their delicate nature, they are all designed to be used with hand pressure only, although an occasional light tap with a hammer or mallet to properly define a detail should not harm them.

Available in several different configurations to suit many applications. Starting with 'usuba' (thin blade) for simple straight paring, triangular shaped 'umeki' or 'shinogi' (plug chisel meaning for butterfly keys/Dutchman's patches) and 'kote' (trowel) offset types.

As listed, all chisels feature Yasuki White steel blades laminated to iron and fitted with a an Akagashi/Japanese red oak handle in a traditional 3-2-6 (90mm blade, 60mm neck, 180mm handle) configuration giving an overall length of 330mm.

Optional Kokutan/Ebony handles and Yasuki Blue steel are also available for additional cost.

(If you find that the 'perfect' chisel for you is not here, please contact us as custom made chisels are also possible. An explanation of your requirements and/or an accurate blueprint will be required.)

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