Koyamaichi Dragon chisels.

Instantly recognizable as 'Koyamaichi' chisels, these unique chisels are one of the 'Signature' tools that some Japanese tool makers produce.

As most makers of woodworking tools in Japan follow a well established pattern in how the tools are made, there isn't terribly much a maker can do to a tool to make it stand out in a sea of similarly designed and made tools.  

Often a tool maker will follow the usual path, adding some kind of cosmetic treatment to the materials in the tool, usually the one they're most comfortable with altering hence the numerous blade treatments in the form of polished, wood grain (mokume), hammered/dimpled and similarly treated tools.

It is rare that a maker can produce a tool that is singularly unique in appearance, and even rarer that any maker can produce a tool that is unique in appearance but is also not copied by another maker. Whomever makes a unique tool and is allowed to keep that feature as their own must be in the upper echelon of their field and also respected by other makers.

What makes these chisels stand out is not only do they feature a single new way in which to distinguish themselves, but they feature two distinct features, and since their introduction, neither has been copied even though doing so would not be a terribly difficult task.

Starting with a bright finished, black multiple hollow white steel chisel (itself, rather striking in appearance) a dragon is engraved into the neck of the chisel using traditional Japanese methods, including brass inlaid eyes for the mythical beast. This is then fitted to a cored white oak handle with a special dyed finish that looks more like marble than mere wood and intended to be the 'cloud' which the dragon swoops down from.

Engraved tigers are now also available.

Visually interesting, but still a chisel that is made to work.

Available individually or in sets of 5 or 10 in standard 'oire-nomi' style or 'shinogi/umeki' style suitable for detail work.

*Please note that as these chisels are ordered in only as needed and made strictly to order, they may take up to 8 weeks to arrive from Koyamaichi before shipping. This ensures each chisel is both fresh and possible to be made with some variations as desired.

These chisels will undergo a price increase of ¥1400 per chisel due to the engraving on May. 1, 2017. Any orders placed prior will be at the existing price, and additional options will be offered with these chisels at that time.

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