Hira-maru oire-nomi

In order to explain the function of these chisels, their name of ‘hira-maru’ which translates as ‘flat-round’ doesn’t make much sense. How can a chisel be ‘flat’ and ‘round’ at the same time?

Based on the ‘hira-machi’ chisels with their slim profile, but exchanging the flat neck for a smooth, rounded neck transition into the socket and handle area, the name starts to make some sense.

As the hira-machi chisels have a longer reach than regular oire-nomi due to their flattened neck but that sharp socket poses a threat to otherwise finished surfaces, these chisels combine the thinner than usual blade of the hira-machi with a safer rounded neck that will not leave a signature ‘punch’ if the chisels slips, only a small, easily corrected indent and the larger neck offers additional strength.

As with all Ouchi chisels, these feature #2 white steel forge laminated to a soft steel main body.

Available in a wide range of sizes and in 10 piece sets with shiragashi/white oak handles as standard or akagashi/red oak, gumi/boxwood or kokutan/ebony as optional handles and topped with Ouchi’s signature brown/blue finish striking hoop.

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