'Funmatsu-Nezumi' oire-nomi.

These 'Funmatsu-Nezumi-Haisu' chisels are made in the traditional 'oire-nomi' style, and at first glance look quite unspectacular.

However, when you understand what the unusual name actually means, these chisels take on something more than their humble appearance would suggest.

'Nezumi' is Japanese for 'mouse', and at Fujikawa, the mouse is reserved for their premium grade chisels.

'Haisu' is Japanese shorthand for 'High Speed Steel', which is a high alloy steel intended for the most demanding powered applications, and when used with a handtool, these tools allow extreme edge life and durability.

The final part of the puzzle is 'Funmatsu', and it's the one that elicits a double-take. 'Funmatsu' means 'fine powder material' in Japanese, and in this case, it tells us the HSS used in these chisels falls under the umbrella of 'Powder Metal'.

What this actually means is that a fine metallic powder is compressed and heated to form a solid, homogenous mass. This method of steel making allows the alloying elements to be finer and more completely dispersed throughout the steel and also allows a greater percentage of alloying elements to be added to the steel, far more than the traditional method of adding elements to molten iron.

In practical terms, it allows you to create a material that is tougher, more durable than was once though possible.

The PM-HSS in these chisels is made by Hitachi (HAP), specially designed as a shock resistant tool steel for tools that will be subjected to impacts and abuse in an industrial and mining setting. It take no large leap of imagination to think that in the woodworker's hands, these chisels will resist dulling for an extreme period of time, and be quite unlikely to be chipped or otherwise damaged even when pushed to the limits.

In the tradition of Japanese tools where it is expected they take a good edge, keep it for a very long time and also be easy and fast to sharpen, these laminated chisels tick every box easily. They require no special sharpening equipment other than good quality sharpening stones, only taking a little longer than normal to sharpen.

Available in a wide range of sizes as well as 5 and 10 piece sets.

!Caveat Emptor!
(Buyer Beware.)

It is essential that you, the potential new owner of these chisels be aware that these chisels are designed to be very tough, durable and able to take and hold their edge for an unparalleled length of time under the most demanding conditions. While every effort has been made to make sharpening easy and untroubled, the fact remains that these chisels are made of a very hard, tough and highly abrasion resistant steel. As such, a change to your sharpening methods may be required. Please contact us for further details until we are able to provide a through explanation.

Please be assured that most high quality waterstones will work, but you may need to alter how you use them to make them effective with these tools.

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