Sigma Power ceramic stones.

Sigma Power is not exactly a common name outside of Japan, they are held in high regard with their rapid sharpening and ease of use.

While these stones are not available in a wide range of grits, they allow you to 'skip a grit' which means that you can go from quite a coarse stone to a much finer stone that will remove the deeper scratches left by the coarser stone because of their rapid cutting speed.

The lower grit stones are generally very hard in composition, and yet still cut aggressively so your work is done quickly. They are highly resistant to dishing, but do require a short soak of 1-2 minutes prior to use. The stone should be damp, but not wet for the best performance.

The finer grit stones do not require soaking, and the wooden bases preclude this, but some standing water on the surface of the stone for a few seconds is recommended. These fine grit stones are a little softer than the very hard medium and coarse stones, but share the same fast action and strong dish resistance.

Available in standard sizes and 'extra large' versions, these are waterstones designed to make the job of sharpening fast, easy and worry free.

*Important notice; Currently we are having very serious supply problem with Sigma Power, so some stones will be unavailable to be ordered. We do not know when(if?) this situation will be corrected.

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