Naniwa 'Chosera' waterstones.

 Naniwa 'Chosera' (Cho=Ultra, Sera=Ceramic) stones.

Designed to be a substitute for high quality natural stones in performance, these magnesia binder stones offer a very smooth feeling combined with rapid cutting speed in most steels and good dish resistance.

Highly regarded for their smoothness, high performance and generous size.

(Please note: These are the 'original' Chosera stones, not the newer export only Naniwa 'Professional' stones. To the best of our knowledge, the Professional are the same as the original Chosera but the professional are a smaller size and have different labelling. The Professional stones are not available in Japan in any form so please do not ask. We can't get them.

Due to a complete lack of demand, we have decided to no longer sell these Chosera stones. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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