Suehiro Gokumyo series.

These very special sharpening stones were conceived not as an answer to a missing piece to the Suehiro line up, but more as an experiment to find out 'how good a stone can we make?'

Starting with a tight tolerance abrasive with a hard, durable binder and an effort to reduce the porosity as much as possible without resorting to a resin type binder (compromising durability), the end result are a family of stones that are incredibly hard with world class dish resistance, yet they work at a speed that defies logic and while are not the easiest stones to use, they do not suffer the problems that many other water impermeable stones suffer such as chronic aquaplaning, stiction and fragility.

Admittedly very expensive stones, it is unlikely that they may ever need to be replaced, so slowly do they wear. In deference to their very high price, we offer this unique family of stones with 'subsidised shipping' in the price.

Available in the original 'Gokumyo' series of superfine finishing stones, the wider medium/finishing grit 'Gokumyo-Debado', the dual grit 'Debado-Ryu', the dual density coarse/medium 'Ryu' and the single grit 'Taiga', these stones can cover the full range of sharpening needs.

Suitable for all conventional blade steels, these stones have limited effectiveness with the very tough, hard steels due to their method of manufacture, but can be made to work well if needed.

Completely unlike any other stone we know of, they are an 'acquired' taste but when you get used to how they work, surprisingly effective and easy to use. 

*Special Note; We are unable to send these stones to Germany due to a special request by Suehiro. 

(Images provided by Suehiro and used with permission.)

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