An evolution of Suehiro's original oversized/professional aimed 'Debado' series of stones, these benefit from the process used to create the original Gokumyo series, resulting in a harder, longer lasting stone of similar performance and service life to the usual Debado stones but are between 1/3 and 1/6 the thickness, taking up less space and being easier to transport.

Formulated to offer smooth, consistent performance these stones are also offer rapid, easy sharpening with their broad sharpening surface and the strong dish resistance makes for minimal attention to the stone during sharpening and after the task is completed.

Supplied with an integral rubber base to minimise slippage and offer maximum stability, they are also supplied with a generous sized #1000/3000 grit conditioning stone.

Available in #400, #2000 and #6000 grit.

Item Name Product Image Model Price

Gokumyo-Debado #400.

Gokumyo-Debado #400. 3193020040 ¥13,500


Gokumyo-Debado #2000.

Gokumyo-Debado #2000. 3193020200 ¥15,300


Gokumyo-Debado #6000.

Gokumyo-Debado #6000. 3193020600 ¥18,000


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