iWood diamond products.

Manufactured by Koyama under the name "iWood".

Starting with a precision ground steel plate and then adding diamonds to the surface in a common 'diamond' pattern. An economical yet high quality and durable diamond plate, these plates are suitable for flattening waterstones as well as repairing and altering tool edge profiles.

Also available are several smaller diamond sharpening plates, foils and stones.

Item Name Product Image Model Price

i-Wood diamond plate, #300.

i-Wood diamond plate, #300. 1291089003 ¥3,895


iWood ceramic-diamond stone, extra small #12000

iWood ceramic-diamond stone, extra small #12000 1291089024 ¥1,700


i-Wood ceramic-diamond stone, #6000.

i-Wood ceramic-diamond stone, #6000. 1291089027 ¥11,500


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