Atoma diamond plates.

Atoma diamond plates have an enviable reputation for quality and durability.

Tsuboman Ltd, the manufacturer makes numerous diamond coated products including grinder wheels, small sharpeners and of course, diamond plates.

The 'economy' to these particular plates is that in order to reduce costs, they are made in an unconventional manner when compared to most other diamond coated plates on the market.

Where most plates, including the original Atoma plates, have diamonds fixed to a thick, solid steel plate, the Atoma Economy line have their diamonds fixed to a much thinner steel plate that is then fixed (with double sided tape) to an 10mm thick milled aluminium plate.

This allows the main body of the plate to be quite rigid with only 1/3 the weight of steel and made from a less expensive and easier to process material. The diamonds are be fixed (electro-bonded in this case) to a thin, easy to handle stainless steel sheet and this thin, lightweight sheet can be replaced when it is worn instead of replacing the entire thick steel plate.

The diamonds are deposited on the plate as small dots over the entire surface offering a lot of diamond-on-tool but still allowing any swarf a chance to escape making them ideal for flattening waterstones as well as adjusting and repairing blade edges.

Approximately 205mm long x 75mm wide, the base is 10mm thick aluminium with the diamond sheet measuring 1mm thick. Big enough for most any flattening or sharpening task.

Available as a full kit of base plate, diamond sheet and rubber base or with each part available separately.

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