Tsunesaburo planes.

Please note that orders for Tsunesaburo planes have been suspended for the immediate time being to try and ensure that all orders placed for them will be fulfilled prior to the closing and future re-boot of this store.

There is no specific date on which these planes will be orderable in the method we've made available previously, only that they will be able to be ordered to specifications in the future again.


Tsunesaburo Hamono is the most well known plane maker in Japan, partly because of the incredibly wide range of planes that they make, but mostly because they have always catered to the user, and put out planes that are always "ready to go, out of the box".

Most Japanese kanna require some adjustments before they can be used, but no Tsunesaburo kanna should require any adjustment of the body before they can be put to work.

How do they accomplish this, where many plane makers cannot?

By controlling the blade's dimensions and shape and by maintaining a common pattern of the plane's body, they ensure that every blade is quite similar and will fit well into a standard body (dai), making adjustment by the dai-maker small and quickly done and meaning that the often fiddly blade-to-body interface is correct, even before you receive your plane.

Available with nearly a dozen different steels, several soft backing iron types and scores of plane sizes, styles and shapes, there is a plane to suit every need from general purpose planing, to finish planing of figured wood to creating tight fitting, good looking joinery, chances are Tsunesaburo already makes a plane for the job, or may be willing to make one for you.

Please note that the range of planes from Tsunesaburo we offer is quite large and we allow any possible option they offer to be added to one of their planes.

Partly due to this we keep no stock of these planes, they are always made to order, even a plane with no added options. As we acquire all planes as they're needed and only as they're needed, they can take some time to get in. Depending on how your plane is configured. this can take several weeks, but can and does take significantly longer in some cases.

Currently, planes are taking much longer than we anticipate to be made. Recently, several dai makers (wood body) have retired, and as a result, those still working have more work than they can handle. As Tsunesaburo is quite demanding in regard to quality control and takes their 'ready to use' warranty very seriously, the skill shortfall has hit them especially hard and is the main cause of delays. While we can still get any plane you might wish to own, it will take some time to be made up. 

(In other news, Tsunesaburo have recently taken on 3 new apprentices. A sure sign that while the delays are temporary, the tradition is not.)

Please ensure that you fully understand this before placing an order for one of these planes. We cannot force them to be made any faster than they take to be made to your specifications. If you are unable or unwilling to wait for your plane to be made up, please do not place an order for one. We understand that these planes are available from many sources around the world and available much faster than we can supply them. However we are the only supplier of these planes that can honour the 'ready to use' warranty internationally fully endorsed by Tsunesaburo.

The benefit of this is that all planes we ship are 'fresh' and as we receive them, they are ready to use, out of the box. They require no setting up or adjustment as they're made, and because your plane will be new, it will be ready to use as it was intended to be.

This warranty only applies to planes that are put to use as soon as they arrive in your hands. Allowing them to acclimatise to your local environment for a time will likely cause your new plane to be out of adjustment and it will require tuning. We strongly suggest that as soon as your plane arrives, tap the blade into position and use it. Even if you only use it 'for fun', this will allow you to know how the plane should work, and allow you to set a benchmark for how it should perform.

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