Iron plane replacement blades.

These iron plane (Stanley, Record and similar) replacement blades from Tsunesaburo are somewhat unique in their construction and offer the opportunity to try a Japanese style blade without straying from a more familiar looking tool.

Maintaining the ideal that Japanese blades should take and hold their edge for a long time, these blades use 'blue steel' for their edges, the same steel as many of Tsunesaburo's working planes. As an alloy steel, blue steel offers longer edge life, but still allows an exceptionally sharp edge to be created with relative ease.

The belief that a Japanese blade should also be easy to sharpen is also accommodated as these blades are laminated, with a thin layer of hard steel forge welded to a soft steel main blade body. This allows them to be sharpened very easily with any sharpening media be it waterstones of any type, oil stones or any other established method of tool sharpening. As supplied, they are surface ground flat but will require final honing.

Another nice feature of these blades is that while the blade shapes are precision laser cut, as they are hand finished the sides of these blades have the sharp corners removed. This is something you don't especially worry about, until that sharp corner has taken a bite out of your finger.

*We are aware that some of you out there may not be aware of what 'sharp' truly is, so in order to allow those of you who are wondering "what is sharp?" we can completely prepare and sharpen your blade so all you need to do is drop it into your plane and see what a difference having a truly sharp blade can make and why it's worth the effort to learn how to do it for yourself.

Available in the most common iron plane sizes and 2.2mm thick (0.86"), your plane will not require any alteration to use these blades. If you find that the lateral adjustment lever is a little tight in the slot, simply file the blade slot itself as it is plain steel and easily filed. 

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