Carving tools

Japan has a long and varied history of using the products of it's forests as the primary natural resource. It stands to reason that a land that has little else in abundance, wood is used for all manner of items that might otherwise be made with more durable or decorative materials.

Where the artists of days gone by may have chosen metals or minerals for their creations, those in Japan naturally focused their attention on wood, and those attentions are present everywhere. From the largest structures to the smallest items, you may find some element that has been carved into the wood, simply because there was little else available to express artistic flair.

Because of this, the tools used range in size from heavy tools designed to shape the wood quickly and efficiently to the very small used to add the finest details to even the smallest items. Where the sizes widely vary, the basic shapes and designs do not have such a wide variance, focusing instead on basic shapes and focusing on tools of broad utility rather than focused for a specific task, leaving the job of creating to the artist.
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