'Top' wood handle screwdrivers.

Ok, the name sounds corny but 'Top' brand products carry with them a reputation for solid, dependable quality at a modest price.

These screwdrivers are a prime example of this.

Starting with a maple handle that is agreeable to the touch, a solid plated steel end cap, pinned ferrule and a plain, alloy steel shaft there is not much to make these screwdrivers stand out from the crowd.

After all, how difficult can a screwdriver be to make?

Apparently, it is very difficult as a genuinely good screwdriver is a not such a common animal these days.

The problem is that it is so easy to make a driver for screws, but to make it a great screwdriver takes a little forethought and finesse.

The handle should be comfortable to use with few sharp ridges, large enough to apply enough torque and strong enough to last.

And end cap is not a pre-requisite, but if present it should be solidly attached to the shaft.

A ferrule for a wood handle should not be decoration, but an important part of maintaining the integrity of the handle.

The shaft should be of high quality steel and tempered so as to be not so soft that it deforms in use but not too hard so that it breaks under heavy use.

The tip should again be not too hard so as to deform or strip the screw head under heavy use, but not too soft that it cannot drive the screw properly.

Chrome plating on the shaft looks pretty and can ward away rust, but it inevitably comes loose and compromises the tip by being too hard and allowing the driver to slip under heavy use.

It is when you consider all of these points, and that these simple, relatively inexpensive screwdrivers check every single box that they become something of an anomaly in the heavily populated screwdriver world.

These are genuinely good screwdrivers. 

Available in a full range of sizes to fit any screwdriver situation.

*A word of warning from Stu.*

The tips of these screwdrivers are quite soft when compared to most screwdrivers. During very heavy use the tip may deform. This is not a fault, but a purposeful feature. Rather than the driver tip holding it's shape and slipping, they will try to conform to the screw's socket and purposefully drive the screw. This may mean that they can be difficult to extract from the screw socket at times, but they will rarely, if ever slip.

Consider this the next time your current screwdriver pops off the screw head and damages the surrounding area...

I say this as someone who has driven more screws by hand than I have had hot dinners. Of the dozens of different screwdrivers I have used and loved/loathed, these rank pretty highly, sweetened by their very reasonable price.

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