About: Tsunesaburo planes.

Tsunesaburo is without question the most popular plane maker in Japan.

The reason why Tsunesaburo are in their enviable position because they have always put the user first, from the very start of operations over 60 years ago. By introducing a wide variety of blade steels for any planing situation, they allowed the user to get their work done more efficiently and effectively. Making their planes 'ready to use, out of the box' was in contrast to the traditional, sometimes tedious setup required by the new owner of a plane. By offering new ideas and concepts, they have been trailblazers in the often staid, ultra conservative world of Japanese tool makers.

But above all else, they have always been free and open with information, culminating with what is quite possibly the most information packed print catalog and website about kanna available today.

However, as Tsunesaburo is based in Japan, the information they offer is all in Japanese. And to the lament of all English speaking people who have tried navigating their website will attest, it does not translate very well into English.

(Please, see for yourself. In Japanese or translated into English.)

This problem is well known to Tsunesaburo, and their efforts to allow this invaluable information to be readily accessed by the rest of the world has not been successful.

Until now...

We here at Tools from Japan share a common belief, and have now joined with Tsunesaburo on a mission of sorts, to demystify 'the kanna', starting with an English language translation of their electronic catalog/website. Eventually this will also include video, additional information, a full set up guide and other useful tips and tricks to allow any owner to get the very best out of their own kanna, and to be given the information essential to help keep it in peak condition.

So please, take a look! I do hope that you will find the information useful.

Kanna anatomy.

Steel used in Tsunesaburo kanna.

Backing iron (Kamaji/Jigane).

Kanna sizes and types.

(This is a constant work in progress, and subject to change and adjustment at any time.)

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