Sigma Power ceramic stone #400.


This whetstone was intended to be a 'bridge' stone between the coarse, aggressive Sigma Power ceramic #120 and Select II #240 stones and the finer, geometry refining #1000 and finer stones.

Conceived during a conversation with the president of Sigma Power corporation, I asked for some specific criteria to be met, if possible. This stone should not dish during use to any great extent, yet be easy to flatten. It should strongly resist clogging and cut aggressively yet consistently. It should be capable of working with all blade steels up to and including the exotic stainless, high speed and powder metal steels being produced. And, if possible, a minimum of soaking time would be preferred as this is not an 'everyday' stone, only one that might be used occasionally and rapid set up time would be a bonus.

And it delivers on nearly every point.

From the initial splash of water, it cuts rapidly. The closest analogy I can make is that it is similar to a new diamond plate of similar grit. The stone will begin to load, but cutting speed is not significantly diminished, and a splash of water clears the loading easily. After use, the resulting dishing is minimal, and can be made flat again with a diamond plate of similar grit or by use of loose grit on a hard substrate. It performs well with all steels, and isn't affected by the amount of steel on the stone, a small bevel or a wide area, the stone is just as effective.

However, this stone will not leave a smooth finish, it's job is to cut quickly and bridge the gap between lower grit stones and medium grit stones. At this task, it is without peer.

I am personally very proud to have had a part in making this stone available. I set the standard higher than I believed could be met, and in return was given a stone that exceeded my expectations by a considerable margin. I don't often become impressed by sharpening stones, but this one, I was made speechless.

205 x 75 x 25mm overall size.

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