Sigma Power ceramic #1200 (Select II #1200)


This Sigma Power #1200 stone is officially labelled as a 'Select II' stone, intended for use with high speed steel and powered metal steels, but has more in common with the Sigma Power 'ceramic' type stones.

You may be wondering why this stone even exists, and it's a good question.

The Select II #1000 stone has an amazing appetite for steel, but an equally bad habit of dishing very quickly. This #1200 stone was conceived to address this issue, by attacking it from a different direction.

By taking the existing Sigma Power ceramic #1000 and packing in more abrasive by weight of a finer grit and higher specification and by also using a more resilient binder but less of it, the result is a stone that works just as quickly as the ‘hard’ ceramic #1000 (potentially faster!), but is less susceptible to dishing and yet, is still very effective with High Speed and Powder Metal steels, just like the original Select II #1000. It also carries forward the formidable durability of all Sigma Power stones, in that they are resistant to heat, cold, permanent water immersion and chemical attack to a level most other sharpening stones cannot even dream of.

In effect, this #1200 stone takes the good qualities of the Sigma Power ceramic hard #1000, the good qualities of the Select II #1000 and rolls them into a single stone, while also producing good tactile feedback and a superior finish to both (important, even at this relatively coarse girt level) and possibly, even takes the performance up a notch.

Dimensions; 205mm x 75mm x 25mm (Approx. 8” x 3” x 1”)

Must be soaked for 2-3 minutes before use. Can be permanently immersed in water.

*On a personal note, this is by far the most impressive stone in the #700-1500 grit range I’ve ever used. It’s ability to cut all steels quickly (on a par with nearly anything else), and still resist dishing as well as or better than anything else currently available all while offering good ‘feel’, high clogging resistance and being easy to use, to finally decide on a single ‘best’ stone was easy, whereas before this stone, a ‘best #1000 stone’ was always a conditional suggestion.

While the performance is truly impressive, it is very much an incremental improvement. Perhaps not significant enough to warrant ‘dumping’ any of the existing high performance stones for, it must be given serious consideration for the new stone buyer or anyone looking to replace their worn stone.


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