Kurobara brand camelia oil, 240cc spray.


Camelia oil is traditonally used in Japan to keep valued steel products and ones complexion in fine shape.

Since we are talking about tools, 'Tsubaki-abura' (Camelia oil) is used to keep steel parts free from rust due to it's ability to remain in a liquid state for a very long time and to maintain a light film of oil wherever it is applied sealing out moisture and contaminants that may promote corrosion.

In Japan, there is one brand that stands above all others, Kurobara. By far the most widely available camelia oil available for rust prevention, and the most trusted.

To use, simply spray a little directly on the tool and wipe all over with a finger or cloth and leave the excess in place to do it's work. A light coating is all that is required, and before use simply wipe clean with a clean cloth or paper towel. It is also refequently used to lubricate tools such as saws and planes to help them glide through/across the wood. Take caution if you use it as such as being an oil it may cause gluing or finishing problems.

Simple and safe to use being non toxic (but not cosmetic grade) and low in odour.

240cc spray bottle.

*A word of caution, this is unadulterated camelia oil, which always has a distinct yellow hue and is the consistency of vegetable oil (as you may well expect). It can be diluted with thin mineral oil to extend it's usefulness. It may also have a very slight flowery perfume (like camelia flowers).

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