Some not very good news.

Hello All,

I’m writing this, here, to hopefully explain it once to anyone who may ask what is going on here.

This will be very difficult to write and I hope I can get through it in one sitting. This is also for my kids so they know who grandma was, aside from someone they loved very much . . . → Read More: Some not very good news.


Hello faithful, if possibly frustrated reader…

After what might be the longest delay in blog posts I’ve ever had here (but maybe not), here’s an update. Kind of.

This past month has been incredibly busy. Orders, dealing with folks here in Japan that make stuff and answering questions that come in, etc. Throw in some personal stuff that . . . → Read More: Apologies…

Some wild weather.

Hi again Faithful reader,

Don’t get too excited, this is more of a test than anything else.

The new video camera taking a video of the typhoon that went through here last week. The very next day, I had something kick the stuffing out of me, and I’m still not 100% yet.

Anyway, if you’ve never seen anything like . . . → Read More: Some wild weather.

A visit and news…

Hello again Faithful Reader,

I got told yesterday I’d not put anything here for 2 weeks, so I figured I should say something, anything!

So, here goes…

Got a call yesterday evening from Mr. Koyama(ichi) saying he and his wife were coming to town for a bit of sightseeing.

Just happens that Saturdays are my busiest days of the weeks, . . . → Read More: A visit and news…

All quiet on the Eastern front…

Hi Faithful reader,

Some of you may be wondering where I’ve got to of late, especially if you frequent forums where I’ve normally been very active, then suddenly, nothing.

Maybe not, but if you were wondering, here’s why.

Of late, I seem to have managed to let myself get dragged into ‘urination competitions’ for want of a better explanation, . . . → Read More: All quiet on the Eastern front…

How sharp is ‘sharp’?

Hi again faithful (and patient!) reader,

Yes, I know it’s been a long time between posts. I’ve been consumed by some new additions to the store that need preparing (coming soon, cool stuff!) and by an email from a friend here in town, Joe.

Prior to Joe’s email, I’d had just a passing, nodding acquaintance with straight razors . . . → Read More: How sharp is ‘sharp’?

Postal problems…

Hi All,

As some of you may have discovered, through one of several means, that Japan Post has placed severe restrictions on airmail to the United States.

Actually, severe is not a strong enough word. I can’t actually place the correct words here without breaking something…

Here are the facts, as I know them having spent many, many hours . . . → Read More: Postal problems…

The news, and nothing but the news.

Hi all,

Long time no see! Sorry about the lack of activity here, for whatever reason (thank you Bank of Japan!) the store has become quite busy over the last few weeks, and I have not had much time to do much of anything other than keep it ticking along, boxing stuff up and sending them on . . . → Read More: The news, and nothing but the news.

New digs!

Hi all,

Well, after all the hassles and general annoyances dealt out by my once good and decent web hosting folks I decided to pulled the plug on them and move to somewhere a little more secure and ‘with it’ in regard to the store more than anything else.

It has meant some changes though, which you may . . . → Read More: New digs!

Jiji, sayonara…

Hi all.

The title of this one is what Koko, my 2 year old daughter said to my father in law today. I suggested it of course, but that’s what we all did today.

No point beating around the bush here, as I am very tired and not a small bit tipsy.

My father in law, my wife’s father . . . → Read More: Jiji, sayonara…