What happened to August?

Hello again all,

My apologies for not writing here for just over a whole month, for some unusual reason it’s been a busy August, which has usually been a very quiet month.

First up, thanks to all of you who’ve made the previous month so busy. T’was supposed to be summer (vacation) time, but I’ve been flat out . . . → Read More: What happened to August?

‘Back Bevels’ expanded…

Hello again Faithful Reader,

It would seem that my previous blog post here, “Why I put a ‘back bevel’ on plane blades” has attracted a few comments, actually more than a few and certainly more than is usual.

It’s surprising, and very encouraging to see the comments, and while it might seem like there’s a little disagreement going . . . → Read More: ‘Back Bevels’ expanded…

Why I put a ‘back bevel’ on plane blades…

Hello again,

Just recently, something came up that ‘got my goat’ and that was mention that a ‘flat back’ on a plane blade was good enough. Add in several “+1!” posts, and I couldn’t just leave it alone.

I mentioned that I don’t believe a ‘flat back’ = ‘sharp blade’ based on a ‘flat back’ being chock loaded . . . → Read More: Why I put a ‘back bevel’ on plane blades…

A few gouges to look at.

Hello again faithful reader,

Finally (finally!) got these gouges rehandled, and figure that since I have pictures I can put them up here.

Also, the first look at the Koyamaichi ‘tiger’ engraving…

(Now we do know what they look like.)

Ok, not great pictures but pictures all the same.

Handles are jarrah (nasty, evil, hideous stuff), gouges are Koyamaichi (of course!).

That . . . → Read More: A few gouges to look at.

Ouchi oire-nomi x 480

Hello Faithful Reader,

(Getting tired of these updates yet?)

Having spent much of what was a very nicely weathered Sunday bashing on a keyboard, clicking a mouse and uploading pictures (must check how much space I have left on the server) there are now 120 Ouchi oire-nomi listed, with 4 different handle options makes for 480 chisels now . . . → Read More: Ouchi oire-nomi x 480

New stuff, not cheap stuff…

Hello again stranger,

(It must be stranger, since it’s been a while since I’ve added anything here!)

Just a little news from the mad house that is here.

The new stuff is, for the time being, some new stones. You’d think that the expansive range of stones that are already presented in the store would be enough, but no, . . . → Read More: New stuff, not cheap stuff…

Some more new chisels…

Hello again Faithful Reader,

The store has had a few (!) new additions.

Firstly, the Koyamaichi dragon chisels are now listed.

These are top shelf chisels. Starting with a bright finished blue steel chisel, they are sent off to have a dragon engraved into the neck, complete with inlaid eyes. They are award winning (Miki city hardware association) chisels, . . . → Read More: Some more new chisels…

Here be dragons…

Hello again faithful reader,

(2 posts in 24 hours, I must be sick!)

Just wanted to put this out there, somewhere…

Here’s hoping . . . → Read More: Here be dragons…

Cheap stuff! New stuff!

Green stuff! Blue stuff!

(Sorry, my son and daughter are 5 and 4 years old, and we like Dr. Seuss…)

If you’ll take a cursory look at the store (linky on the right) you’ll see a few new things.

First, the Sigma Power ceramic/Select II #1200 is available. The all go, no dish, cranked to 11, tough as nails, . . . → Read More: Cheap stuff! New stuff!

It’s not all doom and gloom here…

… contrary to popular belief.

Hello again Olde Faithful,

Just a quick popping up of my head to mention that things are on the mend, both body (flu, nasty) and spirit (no need to mention) and I had a visitor yesterday. A very rare occurrence.

And it wasn’t just anyone, it was someone I can talk turkey with (of . . . → Read More: It’s not all doom and gloom here…