Where does the time go?

Hello again long suffering, patient and faithful reader,

I have no other excuses for my lack of posting here other than being ridiculously busy these past months, and unable to do anything but keep my head down and get done what needs to be done.

In that time however I was able to do a few ‘extra’ things, . . . → Read More: Where does the time go?

Road Trip; Ouchi chisels.

Hello again Faithful Reader,

On this just past Wednesday my co-pilot (Akiko!) and myself took a drive in Miki city to pay a visit to a few folks.

First up, was a lunch date with Mr. and Mrs. Koyama(ichi) at a Japanese style restaurant that Mr. Koyama found out about with his tennis club friends. (Yes, . . . → Read More: Road Trip; Ouchi chisels.

End-o-the-month update.

Hello again Faithful Reader,

As I sit here, 1AM in the morning with the email telling me the currency rate automated doohickey just did it’s thing, I am suffering from some lack of sleep but need to get in a few words here all the same.

Yesterday, we (as in my Co-pilot and myself) drove into Miki city, . . . → Read More: End-o-the-month update.

Atoma diamond sheet replacement.


Too much going on to get into too many details here, but it’s a video. Watch it if you need to, don’t if you don’t.

It’s just taken 3 days, 4 video editors, 3 video decoders, half a dozen codec tweaks, a replaced computer cpu, re-editing 8 times, numerous shutdown/start up cycles and other assorted crap . . . → Read More: Atoma diamond sheet replacement.

How Sigma Power ceramic stones are nailed together…

Hello again Faithful Reader,

I apologise for the long delay between posts here, been a tad busy of late…


A question was asked recently about stones and how they’re made, and I said “I’ll ask and find out”. Eventually I got around to that, and today got a reply from Sigma Power as to how their ceramic stones . . . → Read More: How Sigma Power ceramic stones are nailed together…

So, what’s in the 1K-6K-13K stone set?

Hi again Faithful Reader,

Or maybe I should switch that to “Faithful Watcher”?

Instead of bashing in lots and lots of words, I hastily put together a couple of short videos explaining what is in the Sigma Power ceramic #1000, #6000, #13000 and Atoma #400 sharpening stone set.

(And if a certain Mr. Jon Broida sees this, it’s your . . . → Read More: So, what’s in the 1K-6K-13K stone set?

Road trip; Miki Hamono Kurabu meeting, now with moving pictures!

Hi Faithful reader.

This must be some kind of record, but here we are again, 3rd post in a week.

Are we having fun yet? I hope so. And today, I’m only going to take up a little of your time, about 5 minutes, for a couple of videos from the Miki Hamono club meeting.

First one is Mr. . . . → Read More: Road trip; Miki Hamono Kurabu meeting, now with moving pictures!

Also available in HD…

Hi faithful reader,

I don’t watch much TV at all, but I what I have seen sometimes has a little watermark on the screen with the title of this post in it.

Well, Tools from Japan is going HD too. Ok, only 480p (now, 720p!), but it’s better than nothing.

Please be gentle, my ego is fragile but I’ve . . . → Read More: Also available in HD…

Just saying hello…

Hello Faithful reader…

Things have been a little quiet here on the blog of late, I don’t think that’s news.

At the moment, it’s quite difficult to come up with anything meaningful to write about. I’m quite busy most of the time, have a bunch of things to try and keep track of and digging out a few . . . → Read More: Just saying hello…

Waterstone testing, the results. Part I.

Hello again faithful reader,

This is not what you are thinking, because it’s the not the actual ‘results’, not just yet. I have some ‘splainin to do first…

Collecting the data and putting them into a form that is easily digestible is no easy task. Should I do each stone individually, and have you all search high and . . . → Read More: Waterstone testing, the results. Part I.