Upcoming event; Miki Kaji-Desse.

Hello all,

A very short bit of writing here, unusual but it’s all I can spare.

At the end of June there will be a woodworker’s/carpenter’s event in Miki city, and if you have the means to attend, I highly recommend making the effort.

I don’t think it’s worth jumping on an airplane/boat/swimming to attend, but if it’ll be a small detour or short road trip, then by all means make the effort.

I will be there again this year, showing the locals what a hand plane looks like and how it works. Last year I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but still had a great time. I’m more familiar with things now, so should be far less stressed and should be able to enjoy things more.

The event’s website is here; http://www.miki-kanamono.or.jp/kajidesse/

One last suggestion.

If you can make it, bring lots of cash. Every tool maker from Miki will be there, and they’re all selling their wares. More tools per square metre than most people will see in their life, and it’s a pretty big hall.


(If you’re looking for me there, I’m “Yoi-kanna-san”.)

2 comments to Upcoming event; Miki Kaji-Desse.

  • Paul

    Hi Stu,

    Will you post photos of the event?

  • I’ll be taking a camera or two, and will be taking pictures, and I hope I’ll be able to get some pictures up within a reasonable time frame.

    What those pictures will be of, I don’t know as yet.