Hello. Long time no see.

It’s been an excessively long time between posts here, which I hope to rectify soon-ish.

Mainly, I’ve been too busy to get much more than the essentials done, and not much time left over. This blog is at the end of a very long ‘to do’ list.

However, it’s come to my attention that I should perhaps start writing small tid-bits to perhaps answer/avoid questions coming in. So posts here won’t be the epic sagas they were in the past, more likely short and to the point, as much as I can manage that, which isn’t likely. Some people are afflicted with a condition said to be ‘verbal diarrhoea’, which I’m not affected with, but the written version, maybe…

Mostly it’ll be simple stuff that there’s no proper answer for that I can find. And if I can’t find an answer for a question (my google-fu is pretty good) then most of you out there are going to have even more trouble finding an answer.

All I can promise is that whatever gets written here will, as always, be free of bias, spin or other taints that unfortunately can and do afflict some answers out there. It’s not always the fault of the information source, especially those subjects where the correct answer is buried under layers of age old incorrect information or hidden from general consumption.

It’s not like I have the time to write here, but as this long not-updated blog (and a few others) has shown me, it might be able to deflect some of the questions I get that until now were answered (or not!) one at a time.

That’s it for now, expect something useful soon. Probably the white steel/blue steel debate. That’s one that’s still not got a definitive answer, and something I’ve wanted to hit on the head for a long time. In simple terms, it’s extremely easy to answer but we all know a simple answer isn’t going to cut through decades of preconception.


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