New digs!

Hi all,

Well, after all the hassles and general annoyances dealt out by my once good and decent web hosting folks I decided to pulled the plug on them and move to somewhere a little more secure and ‘with it’ in regard to the store more than anything else.

It has meant some changes though, which you may or may not be aware of…

The site in general has added a decent turn of speed. This is obvious, and a pleasant surprise. Instead of a little twiddle of the thumbs, it’s become positively snappy.

There is a spanky new SSL certificate installed. This was part of the reason for shifting things around at this time. I can’t call myself ‘secure’ without that little detail, so it is essential and ready to go for 2 years.

The new host is PCI compliant, which means a few little changes here and there. Basically it means that the security is such that credit cards can be run through the site. Just a little added security, and you may notice a few changes related to this, but maybe not.

Part of this added security is that I cannot send out email (though webmail is ok) through the site’s server, so I have to send out actual email through another means. Slightly annoying, but no deal breaker and manageable. If I had known that earlier, I would have saved myself a lot of grief!

Some parts of the site are not yet functional. Specifically the homepage! Ack, an unforeseen annoyance but not beyond repair. That may take some time to resurrect, but it will happen. Might be even more useful into the bargain.

There should be fewer interruptions to the site. Most of the previous hassles were due to the server being updated, failing completely or someone hacking the site through the back door. That’s not going to happen any more. Well, I don’t think it’s going to happen any more… This new host is geared toward online commerce, and takes it seriously.

And that’s about all I can think of right now.

What’s satisfying for me is that it already looks like I can spend more time getting important things done and less time fixing broken stuff that should never have been broken in the first place. That’s good for me, and I hope good for all of you as well, because lets not be bashful here, if it were not for all of you out there in interwebland, then none of this would have been even remotely possible so thank you all for your support, assistance and help when required.

Now if you will excuse me, I really do have work to do.


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