Mid-month update…

Hello again Faithful reader,

I know a lot of you out there are chomping at the bit for the next installment of the waterstone saga, and it is coming, but I don’t just sit here churning out works of literature all day, every day.

In short, there’s a bunch of things going on here that are, regrettably, more important than writing up waterstone stuff.

I’ve just shipped off a large box full of things, and you may be reading about them very soon elsewhere.

I need to get some kanna listed, and that’s where I need to direct my efforts right now.

I need to write some proper, English language instructions for some waterstones, and that’s also quite important right now.

I have many, many boxes to fill and get to the Post Office. This, above everything else can’t be put off at all.

Of the above, the kanna being listed I can leak some details about.

Tsunesaburo planes are coming, very soon. If all goes well, before the new month dawns in just under 2 weeks. As previously hinted at, all planes and all available options will be listed, and ready to order easily. For the first time ever, anywhere.

The problem is the sheer size of the problem. There is a LOT of backup information that is essential. There’s the sheer number of planes available and there’s all the options that are possible. I’ve been looking at it as switching it all on at once, and came to the realization today that it can’t be done, not all at once.


The Tsunesaburo roll out will be staged. As each ‘group’ of planes are ready, they’ll be activated and ready to order. To complete the task will take some time, so I can only ask for your patience. As they are ‘switched on’, they’ll also give hints as to what is actually available, on the whole.

I hope you can all wait, and I promise I’m working as fast as I can.

Thanks for reading, and please bear with me.


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  • I’ve been having a look throgh the various sections of Blog and the on-line shop…it’s been a good read. I’m interested in all sorts of Japanese tools and have started to accumulate one or two. I’m fascinated by Japanese planes having used one recently in a friend’s ‘shop and would like to buy a moderately priced one for general use…perhaps a smoother of some sort. The thing that’s very confusing is the sheer amount of different makers and styles of planes (read all Japanese tools) compared to the West and the huge varience in the prices.
    That said, I’m paying a vistit to Japan on holiday in May 2012 so I hope to be able to get a few tools whilst over there – Rob