An update, and a request…

Hi all,

I don’t think I need to mention that there was an earthquake and tsunami here in Japan a few days ago.

We are 700km away, and for the time being completely unaffected by the events physically. Emotionally, very much affected.

It’s been suggested/asked/hinted at to me in the last few days about making some kind of effort to do something for those in the directly affected areas. Until very recently, I was in limbo wondering what just myself might be able to do.

The answer is, alone, not much. If I were able, I’d go and help, but my family needs me here, and we don’t know what’s coming in the future. We are not too far away from a fault line here, and while it’s a quiet one, it might have been woken up too. So I’m stuck here for now.

However, a plan has been put into motion and the details will become available over the coming weeks. While I can’t do much to help those in need right now, I/we may be able to do something to help over the longer term and that’s what I’m looking at doing.

If you have a desire to contribute to the relief effort right now, then please do make sure that whatever you donate will go to the people affected. I have no bias or recommendation, but I’ll be donating any monies to the Japanese Red Cross or through official channels here in Japan so the money is directly distributed to those who need it.

Regrettably, these channels are not available outside of Japan for the time being.

(The Japanese Red cross does have a website here> Japanese Red Cross English site. At the moment it is not working, most likely due to rolling blackouts in Tokyo and the surrounding areas.)

For now, please be patient. I’m working on this as fast as I can, and lament that I cannot work fast enough.

Thanks for reading, and please check back often for any updates.


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  • fredboreale

    Is there anyway to know if any of the makers of these tools and there familys are in the affected area and if so are they all right.