What’s right with this picture?

Hi again,

Well, there have been several interesting guesses as to what was ‘wrong’ with the chisel posted yesterday, and now as promised the answer to the question.

However, let’s go back to the original picture…

Ok, let’s pull it apart a little, shall we?

Yes, there is a slight blemish on the blade, and as this was a specially made chisel, disposing of this one and making a perfect one to take its place is just not the done thing. The little blemish will not have any effect on this one as a tool, and that’s what it was specifically made to be, a tool.

The bevel looks short, it’s the angle the picture was taken at, nothing more.

The socket will not hurt this handle. It’s cored white oak, so the material is rived with no run out. Made to be as tough and durable as possible, and white oak to offer a little more ‘spring’ to the handle.

The handle does look to be a little long and out of proportion. At a guess, 5-10% at most. It’s not much, but it is noticeable.

The hoop is held on with some tape to stop it from being lost. As the hoop is not yet set, it’s loose.

The steel is not thin, not at all.

All of these quite interesting guesses are good, some better than others.

But the answer is…

The chisel is enormous.

For scale, the ruler is 150mm/6″ long, and the ‘pygmy’ chisel (thanks Tom!) below it is a healthy 24mm Oire-nomi.

When this big thing arrived, I was astonished to notice how similar in overall scale it was to my own, yet to be used, 24mm white oak handled Koyamaichi oire-nomi was. Placed side by side, and the similarities become obvious.

To give you an idea of the amount of metal in this thing, the 24mm pygmy weighs 168g, the big one is 537g.

And it’s one of a pair…

Thanks for playing, and the next guessing game will be far, far more interesting. I promise.


2 comments to What’s right with this picture?

  • Steve Mitchell

    Geez Stu, how were we supposed to know? But that flaw is big now that we see the size of the chisel. Dare I ask why someone would need a chisel that size? The handle is big enough for two hands with someone else wielding a sledge to strike.

  • Hi Steve,

    Well, that was part of the fun, wasn’t it?

    The flaw, it’s on the surface, but looks worse in the pictures. I bet Mr. Koyama(ichi) looked at it, figured it was annoying, but not fatal and let it be. Which it is, nothing serious at all.

    It’s going to be used in timber framing. I don’t know what it’s going to be hit with, but I do know that it’s built like a very heavy tataki-nomi, even though it’s hard to see. Even the handle was special order on it, usually they’re not so big, long or solid.

    It’s almost like a store display. Much coax one of them of Mr. Koyama one day. Dang things are 6 feet long, and all ‘proper’ as well.