Am I lucky, or not?

Hi All,

Just a very quick one here.

Yesterday, t’was a very rainy day. Typhoon coming through again, and the most pressing thing to do was to go to the local school to see their open day and do a little shopping.

Of course, there’s always something the store needs too, like the petulant child it tends to be at times, and I told my co-pilot about the most pressing issues, as I tend to do.

While I was shopping/playing with kids and wool gathering, I decided that I needed to ask someone about something, and got a flash of an idea that maybe Mr. Mitsukawa (of the saws) might be worth asking. I’m waiting on some saws to arrive, and in asking about them, I could ask about another point as well.

And left it there. Aside from wondering where the saws were.

We got home, then went out again. Came home, cleaned house then (eventually for me), went to bed.

Comes this morning, and I check my email, as I tend to do…

Lo and behold, there’s an email from Mr. Mitsukawa.

The short version of it was;

“We (the whole family) came to Takamatsu (where I live) for a day trip and sightseeing, and I called your house twice but there was no answer. Sorry I missed you.”

Am I lucky that Mr. Mitsukawa wanted to visit me?

Or, am I unlucky that I missed him?

My thoughts contain several profanities that are not fit to be put into words, but also kind of pleased at the same time…


(And I need to make sure he’s got the right phone number for here at home. We didn’t get any calls.)


2 comments to Am I lucky, or not?

  • O

    Santa decides to stop by in June and you decide to be out. Hmmmm?

    To answer your questions:

    Am I lucky that Mr. Mitsukawa wanted to visit me? ————> Yes
    Am I unlucky that I missed him? ——————————> Yes, to the co-pilot’s delight and your chagrin. :)

  • Actually, to everyone’s chagrin.

    They came bearing gifts… :(

    There’s always another time I suppose.

    I hope!