All quiet on the Eastern front…

Hi Faithful reader,

Some of you may be wondering where I’ve got to of late, especially if you frequent forums where I’ve normally been very active, then suddenly, nothing.

Maybe not, but if you were wondering, here’s why.

Of late, I seem to have managed to let myself get dragged into ‘urination competitions’ for want of a better explanation, and naturally there can be no winner in these contests, but still, I try and inevitably fail.

I’ve also tried my hardest to be as impartial and honest as I can, especially difficult when the sea is flowing in one direction, and I am pushing against it.

The problem here is that the general consensus believes a particular point of view. Normally, this is quite alright and there’s no need to go against the flow. However, some dubious information occasionally arises and my nature is to try and correct that incorrect information. Not only is it my nature, but by trying to operate Tools from Japan as a store and information source, to let such information take root and grow into pseudo-truth doesn’t do me or anyone else doing what I do any favors at all. Even when those in the same game do nothing to correct the errors, and on occasion are the source of such errors.

Not only that, I’ve been specifically asked to try and root out the erroneous information and correct it as best I can.

But, I have come to a realization that mere writings on a forum will do little to correct there errors, and may even make them worse.

Taking a piece of advise from a good friend, namely “the truth will set you free”, I’ve decided that the very best way to make sure that past errors are corrected and addressed, and new myth can not plant seeds, let alone take root, is to take the word to a place where dissent is reduced to background noise, and has to come up with some hard, verifiable evidence to refute what’s been presented.

In short, Tools from Japan is going to video in a fairly significant way.

That way, anything I present will still be accessible to anyone who wishes to hear it. Video is also hard to refute. Seeing something happen before your eyes while conducting every sound and nuance also requires that any argument against it to come up with hard evidence in a similar format. Failure for a dissenting viewpoint to come up with evidence of truth pretty much disarms it quickly and decisively.

I’ll be doing all I can to ensure that there are no secrets in the forthcoming videos. What you see is what you get, and what you can get if you try the same thing. I’ll not sugar coat anything, and every video will be warts and all account, not a sales pitch.

But, the title of this post also highlights a small problem…

I have a new camcorder here, ready to go. I have all the bits and bobs to make it work like it should, but the sound is still a bit of a problem.

So no video yet. But it is coming very soon.

And to be honest, not soon enough. I’ve got so much to do, these things are going to compliments of the Bird-Dog school of videography…

(Rough, rough! Cheap, Cheap!)


3 comments to All quiet on the Eastern front…

  • WOW,

    Very interesting post. It is interesting that I only know you from a forum, your store and our blogs. NEVER once have I ever had any inclination to NOT believe you. Your message is consistent, current and well organized.

    You try to run you business in a honorable way.

    And anyone who can build a shop in the space you have should be admired.

    I love blogs. I read a lot of WW blogs.

    Best of luck with you video efforts. That can be VERY time consuming, but you are correct really cannot be disputed.

    Hope all is well with you, your wife an kids. And special prayers for your current homeland.

  • NZStu

    Some people on forums just like to argue for the sake of it! For what it’s worth, I find the information you provide to be well written, honest and credible, which is plenty good enough for me. I’ve learnt a lot from your posts and I’m sure the videos will be a valuable addition.

  • DJM

    Fantastic! I’d be very interested in a video series on Japanese tools and woodworking (in English), as it is a niche that does not seem to be filled, at the moment.

    If it dispels a few myths and gives woodworkers some choice, all the better. Best of luck and am really looking forward to it.