Hello faithful, if possibly frustrated reader…

After what might be the longest delay in blog posts I’ve ever had here (but maybe not), here’s an update. Kind of.

This past month has been incredibly busy. Orders, dealing with folks here in Japan that make stuff and answering questions that come in, etc. Throw in some personal stuff that limited my ability to get anything at all done and I’ve been playing catch up for the past month, and I’m just starting to get on top of it now.

To those of you in Australia anxiously awaiting your order arrival, it might be delayed somewhat. Apparently there’s some kind of delay in customs because of strike action, and incoming deliveries have been delayed and they’re still approximately 10 days behind as of Friday, August 19th. This information is not available from Australia Post’s homepage nor it would seem are the counter jumpers letting anything on. But Auspost’s twitter page mentions delays on August 19th. I can’t do anything to fix it, so we can only hurry up and wait. :(

Sigma Power stones have been getting a LOT of airplay in the various woodworking forums of late. Not a huge number of follow ups after the initial questions though.

In order to ‘prod and poke’ you tyre kickers, I’ll be offering a tasty carrot (and it’ll be retroactive!) of sorts.

It won’t be free shipping. It won’t be a cut in prices, it will be a carrot. As long as ‘carrot’ is spelled with 2 ‘d’s, an ‘a’, an ‘i’, an ‘o’ plus an ‘m’ and an ‘n’.

(And it’ll stick a stake in the heart of the “How do I flatten these things?” question…)

Conditions will apply, but they’re not oppressive and there will even be options on the oddly spelled carrot.

And some new products should be appearing in the store soon. Saws, rasps, maybe even some chisels.

But first, I need to do some work behind the scenes here. I only wanted to let you all know I’m not completely kaput here, aside from being knocked down for a week and then operating at reduced capacity for nearly a month (partly doctor’s orders there.) or just being run ragged.

Thanks for your patience, concern and consideration.

Oh yeah, got some new bits and pieces already here and coming that might make things veery interesting.

And thanks, as always, for reading,


1 comment to Apologies…

  • Steve Mitchell

    Hi Stu,

    No need to apologize. You have reality to deal with (which is way higher up the priority scale), so letting time pass between postings on your blog is natural. Quality over quantity. I think people keep visiting here because you have stuff of real substance to pass on and its always well worth the wait. And wait we will – looking forward to your next revelations.