I just had several crisises.

Is it ‘crisises’ or ‘cricii’? Whatever, I got them in bulk.

Oh, hi Faithful reader,

#1, Wrong saw delivered. I’m not upset here, since I gave a certain lovely fellow lots of grief with saws this week, so sending the wrong one was probably pay back for me being a pain in the rear.

#2, I’ve run Sigma Power out of stones. Which is nice, but troublesome.

#3, But I can sort out the stone trouble tomorrow. Mr. Sigma Power is dropping by for tea and biscuits tomorrow afternoon. Which means we need to spit polish our humble abode. Bother and trouble…

#4, Waiting on a special order plane, and… >crickets<

#5, Got some chisels in today, and as usual they’re nice but one’s got a handle that’s 3″ too short. Worst part is that it’s an inch short for every month I’ve been waiting on it….

(Mr. Koyama(ichi)’s official excuse is that it’s hot, he’s old and feeling lazy. I hope he can sort out another handle lickety split though…

#6, this was a kind of “Lady Chatterly” type crisis…

Sitting on top of all the chisels were a couple of special chisels I was not yet expecting to see. I thought “oh, long handle paring chisels, nothing to see here” until I spotted the pointy end.

Which isn’t really so pointy, more fishy. Very, very fishy.

But more on them later. Actually the whole point of this posting was to say “I have a secret, and it’s a really cool one…”

Now, where is that danged dovetail saw hiding?

Thanks for reading,


1 comment to I just had several crisises.

  • David Weaver

    I sense future stories about yarigannas or fishtail chisels. Not much else I could think of that resembles fish with a straight handle.

    Leaning toward the latter with the not so pointy comment, and the thought that it came with chisels – spear plane would’ve come with planes, eh?