Update, St. Valentine’s day 2012.

Hi all,

I’m writing this as an ‘open letter’ to all regarding what’s going on here at Tools from Japan.

It’s no secret I was in Australia for a week, which limited how much time was available to me to reply to requests, questions and to send thank yous for orders. The fact that even though I made it quite clear that I would be mostly unavailable during this time, and yet questions, orders and messages of condolence (especially these) came through, mostly unabated is something of a confirmation that I must be doing something right and a vote of confidence of no small measure.

And for all of that, I thank you all.

It’s been quite difficult for me to ‘get back in the saddle’ after returning. I thought that day after I got back I’d be able to simply switch back on and get back to work, and for all of 12 hours, I did. However, as time goes on and the loss of my grandfather sinks in, it’s been increasingly difficult to focus my attention. I know grandpa would disapprove, but even so, as far apart in distance as we were at the end, he was (and still is) very important to me and we were very close in ways I never appreciated until now.

So, it’s been trying to say the very least. This is my problem to get over, and I will, and all I can ask is that you please have patience with me.

To add insult to injury, the doctor says I’ve got the flu and am not supposed to work. The I’ve been given the proper medicine to deal with it which is working, but I’m still only running on fumes.

All I can ask is for time to heal all wounds and illness, and I promise that I will get to all requests and questions as soon as I am able. Orders will still be processed (most are still in the works, only needing boxing up and dragging to the Post Office) as fast as I can manage it, and to humbly ask to be able to test your patience further than I already have.

For what was looking to be a great year, so far it’s been unadulterated garbage.


1 comment to Update, St. Valentine’s day 2012.

  • Hey,

    I understand your grief. Make your Granddad proud that you are living life.

    We all understand and appreciate your sharing.

    One day at a time. It WILL get much better.

    Blessings from my shop to yours… and from me to you.