It’s not all doom and gloom here…

… contrary to popular belief.

Hello again Olde Faithful,

Just a quick popping up of my head to mention that things are on the mend, both body (flu, nasty) and spirit (no need to mention) and I had a visitor yesterday. A very rare occurrence.

And it wasn’t just anyone, it was someone I can talk turkey with (of a fashion) and they listen, which is always nice. It’s ok to be heard, but much better to be listened to and ultimately, what’s been said is acted upon.

The gentleman in question was Mr. Saito of Sigma Power, and even though I was masked up, he stayed and we talked over coffee.


He left two large boxes of cakes/treats, so my kids REALLY like him now and he left 4 small rock looking things for me to have a play with.

Well, that’s not quite true. 3 of the rock like objects are combination stones, which I don’t use and they’re combinations of things I already have. So I know what they’re going to do so there’s no point in my doing much more than simply eyeballing them.

Ok, one is spoken for but the other two are not. I’ll work out how to offload them soon enough, so pay attention and keep up to date. Looks like I need to shift some booty.

One however is something new.

And when I say new, it’s something I’ve never used before. Which by extension means you’ve never seen it before either.

It’s a new Select II stone.

It’s a #1200 grit stone.

It’s white.

It’s, well, lets not get ahead of ourselves too much, but preliminary testing tells me one thing.

It’s off the *^%&$%^&* planet.

I’ve not used it much, but here’s what I can tell you…

I’ve never found the ‘ultimate’ #1000 stone. Every one I’ve ever used has been a compromise of some kind, and generally speaking the best compromise I’ve ever found has been (unsurprisingly) the Sigma Power ceramic #1000 hard. Again, it’s not perfect but the parts I don’t like aren’t serious and they’re small, easy to gloss over things.

What I’d really like is a stone that polishes like a Naniwa Superstone, stays as flat as a Shapton Professional, has good feeling the equal of a Chosera, is as tough and robust as the Sigma Power ceramic and chews through steel like a Select II, especially the hard, tough stuff. It should also be relatively easy to flatten and less mud would be nice (but not essential).

Now with the very few bits of steel I’ve put to this new #1200 (comes in a lime green box) I’ve found.

The polish is second ONLY to the Naniwa Superstone, but only by a small amount.

Stays as flat or flatter than a Shapton Professional. Shocking flat actually, since I abused the heck out of it, and it flattened nearly instantly. If I’d abused anything else, it would have screamed with indignity.

Feeling wise, it’s not bad. There is feeling there, but it’s danged hard as well, so it’s never going to be silky smooth like a Chosera. But still, the #1200 isn’t bad at all. Call it a hard Chosera.

It’s a Sigma Power stone. They don’t do fragile little flowers, so it’s as tough as they come (and yes, needs soaking.)

It’s matching the Select II #1000 for speed so far, only tested against HSS, O1 and white steel though.

So far, it’s as close to perfect as I’ve yet found. After more testing it might actually hit that mark or not.

And that’s the problem I think. Perhaps it is exactly what I’ve been wanting, and now it’s here, perhaps I just can’t see the forest for the trees. I’m still undecided as to whether it’s a great stone or not.

Anyway, just wanted to let that cat out of the bag. If it keeps on doing things as it’s been doing them so far, then another genuine contender just showed up.

No, that’s not quite accurate.

What I should say is that “perhaps everything else just got taken down a notch on the ladder”.

Since the great testing saga was largely (but not quite, not yet!) completed, I’ve been getting my hands on every single decent #1000 stone I can find, and this is the first in that range that’s really catching my attention.

And the stupid part is, it shouldn’t be able to do what it does the way it does it. Because it’s a genuine #1200 grit (JIS standard, 10 micron) stone playing in a field of #1000 or coarser stones.

Odd, strange and weird.

More updates as they arrive.

(For those of you who’ve already splashed out on a #1000 stone recently, don’t fret. This bad boy isn’t going to be cheap. It’s looking like being Chosera money. So if that nice #1000 stone you just bought was actually a Chosera. Sorry. If you’re thinking “Ahh, but I bought my Chosera for razors!” then I’m really, really sorry.)


3 comments to It’s not all doom and gloom here…

  • Archie

    Drooling, already!!!

    Get to feeling better, Stu!

  • AcuteBevel

    Hurray for the odd, the strange, and the weird. Sadness and despair can subside with a mere smile from the right person, but the fact you seem excited again by new rocks and\or rock-like substances makes me happy for you!

  • Okami@britcraft

    So when’s this puppy getting released Stu?
    Sounds interesting mate, might have to put my name on one