End-o-the-month update.

Hello again Faithful Reader,

As I sit here, 1AM in the morning with the email telling me the currency rate automated doohickey just did it’s thing, I am suffering from some lack of sleep but need to get in a few words here all the same.

Yesterday, we (as in my Co-pilot and myself) drove into Miki city, Hyogo to see a couple of people.

First up was to go have lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Koyama(ichi) and see their recently renovated house. Not much to say here, other than lunch was good, the company better and their house looks great.

It was only our second visit to their house, the first being nearly 2 years ago now (I think!) and back then it was just a normal, quite old house. Cluttered and dark. Now, bright, breezy and very comfortable.

Nice enough that I hope I can get back to it more often.

After lunch and ‘house inspection’, Mr. Koyama showed us where Ouchi chisels are made.

Of course, that was part 2 of our visit, to go see Mr. Ouchi, and take some pictures (300+), talk a little, learn a lot and get the ball rolling with him. Which we did.

The pictures of that visit will follow soon enough, as will a small write up of it.

Interesting stuff.

While we were away, the silver truck tried to deliver some new stuff here. Of course, we weren’t home and I had to wait until today to get the new stuff.

No prizes for guessing what arrived…

(3 sharpening stones.)

Chances are that whoever you are reading this humble little blog, you don’t have these stones.

Chances are you may never own these stones.

Chances are you may never even be able to try these stones.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is a very, very sad thing.

Extremely sad because these stones are mind-bendingly good.

More to follow as soon as I can manage it.


2 comments to End-o-the-month update.

  • patrick anderson

    Interesting to see you are now dealing with Ouchi.

    I’ve always been on the look out for his regular chisels but no one apart from Iida sold them.

  • Hi Patrick,

    Define ‘regular’…

    I’ve got a list here in front of me that matches the name of the chisels with the pictures we took. There are 6 different types of ‘oire-nomi’ alone…

    Mad, but they’re all about the same price so it’s mostly a case of picking which one you want based on the little tweaks it has.

    I think for most folks, having that much choice is a case of too much of a good thing. I know it would be for me!