Ouchi oire-nomi x 480

Hello Faithful Reader,

(Getting tired of these updates yet?)

Having spent much of what was a very nicely weathered Sunday bashing on a keyboard, clicking a mouse and uploading pictures (must check how much space I have left on the server) there are now 120 Ouchi oire-nomi listed, with 4 different handle options makes for 480 chisels now order-able through the Tools from Japan store here;

Ouchi Oire-nomi.

It’s a start, but we’re not done yet.

If you happen to be interested in Ouchi chisels, I must urge you all to avoid delaying the decision. There will be a price increase coming by year’s end, exactly when we do not know, so until that time the pricing is at the ‘new’ price, with a 20% discount applied to bring them down to the proper, current pricing.

If you’ve recently acquired Ouchi chisels, I can only say one word.


At the same time, do not forget that there are only 2 weeks until the price of Tsunesaburo’s ‘Miki’ planes will also increase by 20%. I wish I did not have to pass along this price increase, but 20% is not small potatoes.

There are more products coming, as fast as I can manage to list them.

Yes, this blog post is pure promotion.

Thanks for reading my blog-o-mercial.   ;)


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