A few gouges to look at.

Hello again faithful reader,

Finally (finally!) got these gouges rehandled, and figure that since I have pictures I can put them up here.

Also, the first look at the Koyamaichi ‘tiger’ engraving…

(Now we do know what they look like.)

Ok, not great pictures but pictures all the same.

Handles are jarrah (nasty, evil, hideous stuff), gouges are Koyamaichi (of course!).

That is all, and I hope that suggests I’m not sitting around here doing nothing of value…

(Also, a few new Suehiro stones are listed in the store. More coming and the Tsunesaburo ‘Miki’ planes are going up in price within the next few hours. If you can beat me to the price changes, then you get them at the old price.)


3 comments to A few gouges to look at.

  • Many thanks for this particular site, valuable piece of writing. I actually loved reading it and will definitely talk about it with everyone.

  • James B

    soooo, not to be too questiony or anything, but are you EVER going to finish that whole waterstone comparison…. kinda seems like you dropped the ball on that one

  • Hi James,

    As you can see, I can’t even get to look at the replies here to answer them…

    Dropped the ball? Maybe a little, but when I do complete it, it will be a little different.

    You see, the count of #1000 stones is now up to 30 or so, and of the stones in the comparison, there are a handful of new ones that are in a class of their own. Completely off the scale compared to what’s already in there.

    That, and I’ve learned a lot since the initial write up was done.

    Also, the time factor…

    (There’s but one of me, I’ve got kids to feed, so they take precedence every time. Something that definitely puts food in their mouth vs. something that might indirectly, there’s no real choice to be made.)