Road Trip; Tsunesaburo plane makers.

Hi again Faithful reader.

(Sorry for the delay of the waterstone review, I hope after reading this you’ll understand I have a few dozen things to do right now, all important. Especially this one…)

On Wednesday my co-pilot and myself took a road trip into Miki city, Hyogo prefecture to meet (see? I’d already met them myself…) the . . . → Read More: Road Trip; Tsunesaburo plane makers.

Before we go any further, some important information.

Hello again faithful reader,

Busy around here of late, isn’t it? I don’t know how many of you there are out there now, but I do hope you are getting some value from all of this.

Now, on to business…

What was tested, and how was it done?

The “what” is I think, fairly obvious, #1000 grit stones of all . . . → Read More: Before we go any further, some important information.

I get by with a little help…

Hello again faithful reader, whoever you may be.

In this second instalment of the #1000 grit waterstone comparison, I’d like to give some honourable and not so honourable mentions to some ‘stuff’ I used to help me on my way through this long, arduous journey.

First up, the Vertias Mk. II honing guide. Every single blade used in . . . → Read More: I get by with a little help…

Here’s ho(o)ping

Hi again faithful reader,

Recently I was required to set some chisel hoops, and as I have not yet mentioned how I go about this, I figured I should take some pictures, write some words and let you all in on the secret. And the secret is, there is no secret. And there is no right or . . . → Read More: Here’s ho(o)ping

The Sigma Power #120 stone.

Hi again Constant reader…

As we are on a bit of a stone kick here of late, I’d like to pass on my feelings about this particular sharpening stone, that seems to be quite popular according to how much trouble I have keeping them on hand.

Here it is;

Not much to look at, is it?

Well, what you are . . . → Read More: The Sigma Power #120 stone.

Rolling Stones gather no swarf?

I know I’m going to run out of stone metaphors soon, but until then, the bad taste will continue unabated!

Hi all,

Some excitement here recently, as in on the site.

It would seem some lowlife scumbucket decided to put some nastiness on my site without permission, and caused a few dramas. It’s all fixed now, and pretty quickly . . . → Read More: Rolling Stones gather no swarf?

I’ve been stoned…

No, not that kind of stoned! Just water stoned.

Greetings faithful reader,

Finally, at long last and long after all hope was gone, I got stuck into stoning some steel today.

I don’t have pretty results yet, but I do have a goodly chunk of data and some thoughts to go with it.

Firstly, the process…

What I did today was . . . → Read More: I’ve been stoned…

Back to work…

Hi again Faithful Reader, of whose patience I must wear thin…

As you might have expected, the last few weeks have been a little rough, and nobody here really sailed though them. Pretty hard losing a member of your family, especially one of the really good ones.

Anyway, he would have wanted us all to get back to . . . → Read More: Back to work…

Stone the crows!

Hi there faithful reader.

Recently on Woodnet forum there was a question asked about King brand waterstones, and the discussion transmogrified into a ‘What makes a waterstone do what it does?’

Well, maybe not, but I decided to bash in the following in an attempt to explain the differences between them, starting off with an explanation of what . . . → Read More: Stone the crows!

Hmm… Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea…

Hi again Faithful Reader…

According to the last post in this here blog, there should be video coming forthwith.

Well, the video exists but not all that is required. There are a few hiccups that are preventing my posting it up for general consumption.

Firstly, and most importantly is that while the picture is quite clear and the audio . . . → Read More: Hmm… Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea…