Here be dragons…

Hello again faithful reader,

(2 posts in 24 hours, I must be sick!)

Just wanted to put this out there, somewhere…

Here’s hoping . . . → Read More: Here be dragons…

Cheap stuff! New stuff!

Green stuff! Blue stuff!

(Sorry, my son and daughter are 5 and 4 years old, and we like Dr. Seuss…)

If you’ll take a cursory look at the store (linky on the right) you’ll see a few new things.

First, the Sigma Power ceramic/Select II #1200 is available. The all go, no dish, cranked to 11, tough as nails, . . . → Read More: Cheap stuff! New stuff!

It’s not all doom and gloom here…

… contrary to popular belief.

Hello again Olde Faithful,

Just a quick popping up of my head to mention that things are on the mend, both body (flu, nasty) and spirit (no need to mention) and I had a visitor yesterday. A very rare occurrence.

And it wasn’t just anyone, it was someone I can talk turkey with (of . . . → Read More: It’s not all doom and gloom here…

Update, St. Valentine’s day 2012.

Hi all,

I’m writing this as an ‘open letter’ to all regarding what’s going on here at Tools from Japan.

It’s no secret I was in Australia for a week, which limited how much time was available to me to reply to requests, questions and to send thank yous for orders. The fact that even though I made . . . → Read More: Update, St. Valentine’s day 2012.

January, almost gone already?

Hello again Lost Sheep,

(I say that because these posts are so irregular, you can’t be a faithful reader any more!)

Just wanted to pop my head up and say hello, that I’m not kaput just yet and I’m so busy that I really do not have enough time to get everything done that I want to (same . . . → Read More: January, almost gone already?

New cat(egory) and new(s)…

Hi again Faithful Reader,

Quite an interesting day today.

I got the undivided attention from the president of Sigma Power corporation, Mr. Tsuyoshi Saitoh for a couple hours this afternoon.

And we talked. And talked. And talked…

Actually I did most of the talking, and I think the co-pilot was surprised/impressed. Usually I don’t say much, but today I couldn’t . . . → Read More: New cat(egory) and new(s)…