Sometimes, just sometimes…

… you get dealt a hand that, for whatever reason, just doesn’t seem to add up.

(Don’t worry, this is a good one!)

I have recently been haunting the local version of eBay, run by Yahoo here in Japan, and I don’t often win because I am not a gambler and don’t really get bitten by the “ante up” bug. I input my bid, and leave it be.

But just this week, I won an auction.

Based on previous experience, I should not have won it at all, since what I got usually gets bid way up over my upper limit, usually within a day or two of auction’s end.

Well, here is what I got.

new rip saw

This is a picture from the auction, and it is the only one I have at the moment.

Usually, saws like this get hit and get hit hard. This one was left alone, and I can’t work out why.

Reason being is that now I have it here, I keep looking at it and shaking my head.

The toothline is 36cm long, making it a little on the small side. That slightly darker part where the tang starts? Not a heat treat mark, a lamination line. It has rip teeth (usually cross or angle cut teeth) and the saw’s general condition is excellent. Yes, a little rust and few small pits that will exist for as long as the saw will, but they are not at all deal breakers. The thing is not freshly sharpened, but it’s not dull either. And it’s also arrow straight and true, amazing thing that in itself, considering the thing is practically 2 feet long, tip to tip.

Basically, this saw should have been the object of a bidding war, and it wasn’t and I was fortunate enough to get it.

The problem is, what do I do with it now?

Do I clean it up a little, or leave it be? Do I make a new, in line handle for it, or not? Do I send it off to be sharpened and made with hardwood specific rip teeth? Do I keep it, or do I send it along?

I’d love to keep it myself, but I fear that I won’t make good use of it, and a saw like this just begs to be all used up by someone who will use it to death.

I just don’t know…

Oh yeah, my mum and dad said they are going to come visit for a week or so next month, which was a surprise, and a pleasant one at that.

Until next time, good night.


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