So, what’s in the 1K-6K-13K stone set?

Hi again Faithful Reader,

Or maybe I should switch that to “Faithful Watcher”?

Instead of bashing in lots and lots of words, I hastily put together a couple of short videos explaining what is in the Sigma Power ceramic #1000, #6000, #13000 and Atoma #400 sharpening stone set.

(And if a certain Mr. Jon Broida sees this, it’s your fault! )

So, without further ado…

Part 1;

Part 2;

The #1000, #6000 & iWood #300 set.

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  • Archie England

    Excellent, Stu!

    I’m new to using water stones and bought this set. Even as a novice, I’m achieving fantastically sharp results. If you like to “feel” the sharpening process, the 1000 and 13000 are truly remarkable in tactile feedback. Though the 6000 is much harder, it cuts, hones, and polishes very quickly. I’ve played with it, adding Nagura for a thicker slurry, and it just continuously polishes the mirror edges of a blade. In end-grain pine, the result is very crisp and clean. However, the 13000 makes the 6000 seem a little hesitant in the cut. Once I take a chisel or plane blade to the 13000 stone, the resultant edge just slices through end grain with hardly any resistance. Honestly, it’s scary to see how sharp these stones get a woodworking tool!!!