Atoma diamond sheet replacement.


Too much going on to get into too many details here, but it’s a video. Watch it if you need to, don’t if you don’t.

It’s just taken 3 days, 4 video editors, 3 video decoders, half a dozen codec tweaks, a replaced computer cpu, re-editing 8 times, numerous shutdown/start up cycles and other assorted crap to get this thing done.

Just a pain, and I’m glad to see the end of it.



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  • Phil Lang

    Mr. Tierney:

    Due to the combination of my poor hearing and your enunciation, I am unable to understand the name of the double-sided tape that you refer to in this video (presumably aided by my unfamiliarity with what I assume is a Japanese product). Would you be willing to type out the name of this product?


    Phil Lang

  • Hi Phil,

    It’s probably partly me (I don’t speak loudly unless in a room with 30+ school kids!) as well.

    The tape is Nitto brand #5015 tape. It is not available outside of Japan to the best of my knowledge, at least with that particular product number.

    As I mentioned, if you need one let me know and I’ll get some out to you. It’s not expensive at all, and incredibly useful stuff to have around.

    (The wide angle lens on my video camera is held on with the stuff too…)

    I hope that helps, and thank you for watching the video. I hope it was of some use to you.


  • George

    Don’t know this tape, but what i sometimes do to get stubourn double sided tape off is to use naptha to loosen the tape. When you get the screwdriver under the plate, get a syringe or a small bottle with a fine nozzle with some naptha and squirt it under the plate, this way the gum in the tape should release and no danger of damaging the backing plate and should go considerably quicker.

    Another trick is to use a hairdryer to make the tape loose grip.

    Don’t know if this is needed, but after sticking on the new plate by hand, i would use a couple of small wooden blocks and a clamp and clamp the newly sheeted atoma between the blocks. You would be surprised how much more tape sticks this way.

  • Hi George,

    That may work, but the problem is that the area underneath also gets filled with particles of stone (or steel), limiting how much of anything you can get under there.

    Softening would help, but even then the grip is tenacious and adding a solvent probably won’t help as much as you might think. What’s not mentioned is that it took me 30-40 minutes to clean the tape residue off the steel diamond sheet. It’s seriously sticky stuff, and I was using seriously nasty chemicals to get it done too.

    Next time I’ll try some more tricks and see what happens. All I do know is that I’ve used a lot of double sided tape before, and at times wish I had something as tenacious and tough as the Nitto #5015.

    Clamping? Won’t hurt anything I don’t think, but might not help any either. No harm, no foul.

    I hate to be negative here, but I’ve tried a few things on these, and the method shown obviously works. I wish there was a nicer, easier and more friendly way to get it done and if one is found, I’m all ears!