Sigma Power 'Select II' stones.

These special waterstones are purpose designed for shaping and sharpening High Speed Steel and also to cut faster in harder, tougher steels than any other stone available.

To accomplish this they are composed of abrasive and nothing more minimal binder. As there is minimal binder as is present in most all other waterstones, which means that these stones do break down a little more quickly than hard ceramic stones. In exchange for this apparent flaw, they cut significantly faster most any other commercially available waterstone on the market. Depending on the steel being sharpened, between 30-200% faster, which alleviates the dishing concern to such an extent that in most situations, it will not be noticeable. Simply put, they do their work before they have a chance to get out of flat.

While they are designed for very hard, tenacious and tough steels, they also cut more simple and softer steels at a rate that is difficult to describe. If you are used to waterstones that 'cut quickly', the Select II is on an entirely new plane of fast.

These stones do require some soaking, especially the lower grit stones, but perform best 'just damp' and after some slurry is generated which occurs very quickly. They are also virtually immune to clogging due to the abrasive breaking free of the stone so easily. Any possible clogging is removed almost as soon as it occurs.

Occasionally the term 'amazing' might be used for waterstones, but is only really appropriate with these. They truly are amazing.

Suitable for all known blade steels, including High Speed steel, Powdered Metal, Stainless Steels and all conventional blade and cutlery steels.

Available in #220, #1000, #3000, #6000 and #10000 grit, the remaining grits of #400, #1200 and #13000 being of a more conventional composition yet intended for the same purpose, to work with very hard steels effectively.

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